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Going to health centers can be a risk. Help us mitigate this risk and make an online diagnosis.

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The registered data will be treated with a strict privacy policy. We want to protect your identity and your health.

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How will my data be used?

The registered data will be treated with a strict privacy policy. We want to protect your identity and your health. They will only be shared with doctors in order to make a proper diagnosis.
Our privacy statement can be found here.


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About the platform

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, it is necessary for people to avoid leaving their homes, unless their health condition requires hospital care. For this reason, this platform provides a free service that seeks to reduce congestion in health centers through online reviews, providing specialized care to those who require it and reducing the risk of contagion for doctors.

There is a worldwide limitation of tests for COVID-19, which leads to carefully choosing the population on which they should be made. From 5vid.co we want to help with the initial risk classification so that only the cases that really need it are escalated. However, in no way does this platform aim to diagnose the presence of the virus.

We clarify that this is not a Government tool to obtain information about the pandemic. However, it is intended to decongest official hotlines. We remind you that if you are in a delicate health condition, you should consult with the health authorities and follow all their recommendations. See hotlines.